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Patent Drafting

Patent drafting is the one of the most important document in the entire patent registration process and is also considered to be one of the most complex techno-legal document. This document contains the features of the invention for which protection is being sought by you in the form of claims. To understand, inspect, interpret and draft patent applications to perfection, we have a strong team who work in organized and effective internal processes to understand your invention and deliver excellent provisional and complete specification patent drafts. The patent specification drafted and filed by us for you, our clients meets with the standards and requirements of the US, EP, WO and Indian jurisdiction.

LifeIntelect Patent Services

Provisional patent specification drafting: When an idea or an invention is not fully developed and has considerable amount of details that need to be worked on, a provisional patent specification draft is filed that leaves scope for a 12 month time period to formulate the complete patent specification draft and file it. Complete patent specification drafting: A complete patent specification draft involves a complete and thorough approach to comprehend and contain all parts of the idea or invention including related future developments.

PCT application: PCT application can be filed under the Patent Corporation Treaty for their protection to hold strong in 148 member countries across the world under the same treaty. It is the most efficient and cost-effective way to partake in the patenting process in many countries at the same time.

Patent illustrations: Patent illustrations refer to drafting and filing of technical drawings for protection. Our experts have worked on all forms of illustrations and have substantial knowledge and practice in lieu with the Patent Office specifications.

Office actions: Our specialized team of patent attorneys, registered patent agents, and technologists has experience of successfully handling patent filing and prosecution in India and timely responding to office actions. We work closely with you to draw-up the final and non-final office action response by scrupulously drafting the comments, arguments and amendments that will be acceptable under the patent law by the examiner.

To file the right kind of patent draft, it is important for our experts to put in well-constructed and formulated claims, so that others are unable to find a way around to copy your idea or parts of it. We customize our services as per the client’s needs at affordable prices to churn ideas to high quality enforceable patents to comprise every part of the invention.