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IP Lifecycle Management

Life Intelect Logo IP Audit of the company
We provide IP Audit services to identify protectable IP that a company possesses in the form of information, creative ideas and know-how. Our IP audit involves review of IP processes in the organization and recommendations on improving the processes and also to set up or streamline the IP policy to develop an IP inventory to safeguard and prevent misappropriation of sensitive confidential information and trade-secret.

IP Policy and Process setup
We assist our client to develop and design IP policies and processes that enable Intellectual Property generation, protection, management and commercialization. We ensure that the IP policies and processes suits business goals and technology processes in the organization.

IP Portfolio Management
We assist our client in managing their IP Portfolio to generate better economic value of their patents and to remaining competitive. It includes scheduled follow ups with different patent offices, trademark or copyright registry for office action, payment of renewal fees for maintenance of a patent, attending hearings, checking status of registration and so on.

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IP valuation
IP valuation is critical for IP commercialization. It involves determining the value of patented or non-patented technology including regulatory, technical, commercial aspect. It is done for the purposes of taxation, sale, licensing, and for raising finances. We provide IP valuation services to our client.

Analysis and due diligence
We provide our client in IP Analysis services such as, Protectability analysis, Novelty analysis, Procedural reports, Infringement analysis, License analysis, Competitor analysis etc., that help our client in making critical business decisions in relation to IP protection, management and commercialization.


Technology Transfer
Transfer is an integrated process with collaboration among many stakeholders like, researchers, universities, economists, entrepreneurs, marketers and investors. Transfer of technology is the process of transferring knowledge, technologies, methods of manufacturing, technology Know-how or research results into a process or product, useful to society. Technology transferred is carried out by specialists, who understand science, commercial application of technology, business value of technology and marketing aspect. We help transfer of technology among research institutes & companies.