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LifeIntelect Advantages

Lifeintelect has expertise in knowledge processes with team of PhDs, experts and patent agents. Our knowledge solutions comprise customized research and IP analytics to help our clients make significant improvements in their knowledge processes.

  • Well qualified team with exceptional credentials.
  • Extensive academic & industry experience in patent research cutting across major core industries and technology domain. 40years of combined experience.
  • Team has roots from premier Research Institute, Business School, Law school and technology leading MNCs.
  • Critical understanding of scientific, business and legal knowledge.
  • Timeline & quality policy, comitted to deliver high quality services those are cost-effective and timely.

To be a premier organization in the area of “IP Lifecycle Management” and “Scientific & Technological” solutions.

  • Deliver world class technological and IP solutions with high confidentiality standard.
  • Provide “IP Lifecycle Management” – Ideation, Protection and Management.
  • Protect the interest of clients and employees.
  • Honesty and Integrity with strong work ethics.
  • Innovation and Excellence in our services.
  • Adaptability and Positive Attitude to constantly improve ourselves and strive to be the best.
  • Trustworthy and Transparency in all our transactions.